Return Policy

We ask that customers thoroughly inspect their product upon receipt.

Product returns after our driver has left the premises can only be initiated for selection errors, hidden damage, or quality concerns. Due to enhanced food safety regulations, we can no longer accept products that have been outside of our control for return to stock. Thus, delayed returns can no longer be accepted on:

•Items that have been over ordered by the customer
•Items ordered incorrectly by the customer
•Special order items 

Product Returns AFTER Delivery has been made:

The customer must notify Paragon Foods within 24 hours to initiate a valid product return. We ask that customers inspect their product immediately upon receipt and notify us at the time of your delivery for any issues. We will uphold a 24-hour time limit for all return items.

To initiate a product return after delivery due to quality, damage, or error:

•Customers must contact their customer service representative within 24 hours of receipt of product.
•Customer service representative will initiate a return merchandise authorization (RMA).
•On the customers next regularly scheduled delivery, the driver will pick up product to be returned and provide the customer with a copy of the RMA.
•The product will be returned to Paragon Foods and reviewed by our quality assurance supervisor and a credit determination will be made.
•Credit for any returned item is subject to Paragon Foods’ approval.
•If credit is approved, the customer will receive a credit memo with their next regularly scheduled delivery.
•In the event the credit is denied, the customer service representative will follow-up with the customer directly.

For returns within the 24 hour limit, a return authorization must be placed with a customer service representative prior to product pick-up. Drivers are unable to take returns without RMA authorization.

Products refused at TIME OF DELIVERY:

Customers may refuse products at the time of delivery for:

•Items shipped erroneously
•Damaged Product
•Substituted product that is not acceptable
•Product quality
•Items over ordered
•Any customer errors

If product is being refused at the time of delivery:

•The driver will complete a merchandise return form listing those items for return.
•The driver will provide the customer with a copy of this form.
•Once approved, the customer will receive a credit memo with their next regularly scheduled delivery.