Paragon is a proud member of Pro*Act, a national network of local, independent produce companies focused on delivering excellence in all aspects of fresh food distribution. Membership in Pro*Act requires the highest commitment to food safety, quality and service while employing business practices focused on sustainability, community responsibility and integrity.

Pro*Act leverages the purchasing power of more than 40 companies to secure guaranteed supplier contracts and competitive pricing to deliver unparalleled value to national and local customers throughout North America. As the largest foodservice customer to many of the biggest and best growers in America, Pro*Act purchases more than 55 million cases of produce annually. This enables Paragon and our Pro*Act partners to deliver top labels such as Andy Boy, Sunkist and Driscoll and to keep supplies rolling when markets are tight.

Beyond procurement, Pro*Act is the unquestioned leader in areas ranging from environmental responsibility, food safety and traceability. Every member has committed to carry a GFSI-benchmarked audit, green business certification and fully-automated warehouse management technology that enables every package to be traced back to the specific field in which it was grown.

Perhaps most importantly, Pro*Act and its members continuously raise the bar in all aspects of sourcing and distribution of fresh foods. We are, collectively and individually, committed to habitual excellence.