At Paragon, everything we do revolves around sourcing, handling and delivering hyper-fresh foods. And when it comes to proteins, we know that quality begins with selecting supplier partners whose commitment to excellence mirrors our own. Our approach here is simple—we source exclusively from certified humane producers whose sustainability practices and ethical raising of animals result in the highest quality meats available in the country.


Poultry Program

Gerber'slogoAt Gerber’s it’s all about raising and feeding chickens the right way, the natural way. Gerber’s chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet with:


  • NO antibiotics ever
  • NO animal or bakery by-products
  • NO arsenic
  • NO growth stimulants or hormones

Better feed means better flavor.  That’s Gerber’s position.

Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken products are defined by:

  • Certified humane hatchery and farm operations, including certified source verification
  • Slaughter and processing facility, certified humane as well as certified Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) safe
  • Company team members, each dedicated to meeting Gerber high standards
  • But mostly, Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken products are defined by the amazing taste that continues to win new customers while satisfying committed ones

Specialty Meats Program

D'Artagnan Logo 2015The leading purveyor of humanely raised, all-natural and organic free-range meats, game, poultry, pâtés, sausages and smoked delicacies, serving professional chefs and home gourmets alike.
The philosophy is simple. Before such buzz words existed, D’Artagnan was committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices. They partner only with small farms and ranches that have strict standards, never use antibiotics or hormones, and sign affidavits to that effect. D’Artagnan supports these methods so that they can offer you the best-tasting, conscientiously-raised meat possible.

  • Are passionate about quality from the farm to your fork, which is why the products hold pride of place in professional and home kitchens alike.
  • For smoked, cured and cooked items, they rely on natural ingredients and traditional recipes and techniques to provide the best flavor and health benefits.
  • Are dedicated to quality in all they do, from careful sourcing in the field to the kitchen production, to providing the very best products money can buy.
  • Are on a mission to educate consumers about the importance of understanding and appreciating how food is raised and harvested.