Local-01Paragon is the region’s leader in local food distribution.  In 2001, we pioneered a local farm program with farmers in western Pennsylvania to bring locally grown foods to area restaurants’ menus.  Over the past decade, the program has grown to distributing not only locally grown produce, but locally produced dairy, chicken, and other fine meats.

At Paragon, we have built a very close relationship with many of the local farmers and consider them each to be part of the family.  Starting during the 2011 growing season, we implemented a branding program to identify local products under the “Farmer’s Table by Paragon” name.  Each item is branded using the Farmer’s Table logo as well as the name and location of the farm or producer of the product.

Farmer's Table Logo-01
local farm feature

But we didn’t stop with product identification. Also in 2011, we embarked on an effort to ensure that every one of our local producers would be 3rd party GAP certified by 2014 (a certification we had required from national suppliers for years). Leveraging the incredible power of Pro*Act’s Greener Fields Together program, we provided local farmers with food safety training and audit preparation services, funding and hands-on support from a dedicated sustainability coordinator to help them reach this monumentally important goal.

So what does this mean to you, our customer? It means you can rest assured that every product you purchase from Paragon was produced responsibly and in the safest manner possible—whether it was locally-grown, from another U.S. state or imported. Think of it as a little free peace of mind.