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Item # 65512
35 – 40lb case

Grown throughout Central Mexico, these papayas are 3 to 5 pounds in weight and the shape of an elongated melon. Their skin is green when unripe but turns yellow to orange with a few freckles once they become mature. They are wonderfully soft and juicy, and have a salmon pink or red flesh that is very sweet with a slightly perfumed, fruity flavor. 


Item# 65446
44 ct

One bite from the SnapDragon and you’ll understand why this unique variety sells out so fast. Developed by apple craftspeople and born from the seeds of Honeycrisp, SnapDragon is extra sweet and bursting with juice and a hint of spice that gives the SnapDragon its distinct, artisanal flavor. If you like Honeycrisp, you’ll love SnapDragon.